Extra! Extra! Read All About It… Sweet Lollie now at The Wedding Cafe


I know we threw a teaser out there on FB … And our big news is that our Bridal Line is now available at The Wedding Cafe, here in Kelowna! Jenn and Barb, owners of The Wedding Cafe have created a one-stop-wedding-planning-shop. It’s savvy. It’s chic. It’s tasty.
These ladies have panache! They know how to make a killer coffee AND set you up with a dynamite wedding. A smart move considering the Okanagan is a major destination place when it comes to getting married. They have something really special going on, and as we heard their story, their passion for quality and community, we knew we’d found a home for the Bridal Line. We are privileged to play a part in their vision.

But to be perfectly honest, it’s always a little bit hard to say goodbye to some of the handcrafted pieces we make. As creative people it’s tempting to hang on tight to our creations. We give something of ourselves with each piece that leaves our workshop! Our Sweet Lollie handcrafted frills are special to us and we choose carefully where we send them. Today we left some of our handcrafted frills at The Wedding Cafe. We said, “au revior” to some of our favorite pieces. But in truth, they were just waiting for the perfect place to shine. We left them gleaming in a beautiful glass case, much like Snow White… Just waiting for (in this case) Princess Charming to come along and say “oooh La La!” and fall in love.

Jenn and Barb have brought this great idea to life. A relaxed place to have a coffee and figure out how to plan one of the most momentous days of your life. We love the vibe they’ve created in their shop. It’s similar to what we aspire to with our Sweet Lollie vibe and vision. Commitment to continuity and service matter to us. Community and quality matter to us. Creativity and uniqueness matter to us. The Wedding Cafe has tapped into those very qualities. That must be why we feel so at home there.
So “Thank You! Barb and Jenn!” We appreciate your vision and generosity!

You can find The Wedding Cafe on Facebook, of course. But if you live in the Okanagan and want to check it out in the flesh, then 2655 Pandosy St. is the address you need. I know that we will definitely be enjoying more coffee’s at The Wedding Cafe! A lovely place to sit and chat, or plan an event.





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