Fab Finds Fall 2012 & Bridal Expo

We are just coming off a great weekend of shows. For the last few months all our creative energies have been devoted to all things Sweet Lollie as we geared up for this past weekend. Experiencing Fab Finds for the third time just confirmed what we already knew, It truly is Fabulous! Great vendors and crowds of people who are true believers in shopping handmade and local. As always it is a pleasure to take part in this show, high quality all the way through.


We’ve had a lot of fun getting ready for this past weekend, creating new designs and perfecting old ones. We only do a couple of shows a year, so each one is special and we always greet them with enthusiasm and glee. One of our goals this year was to take part in a Bridal Expo, and we had just that opportunity on Sunday. L’Amore Bridal, put together a great November Bridal/Grad Expo that we were happy to be a part of. It being our first time in the world of Bridal shows, we didn’t have any expectations, other than that we wanted to learn. We approached the whole experience as an opportunity for market research, not just about promotion. We were curious about the type of bride who was attracted to our pieces. There was definitely a dividing line between those who “got it” and those who wondered “what is it? are they decorations?” Needless to say, we enjoyed ourselves immensely and had a delightful time helping brides try pieces on and hearing about their upcoming big day.


We are excited to pursue some of the opportunities that have come out of this weekend. So stay tuned for upcoming news and events! Here are a few photos from the Bridal show, we were really pleased with how our table turned out (if we do say so ourselves!).







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