Our Journey to Frock… How Sweet Lollie found a new home…

Yesterday morning dawned bright and early for us Sweet Lollie ladies.  We had to put the final touches to our new tags and business cards.  We had to pack up our handcrafted frills, because we had a very important day ahead.  Frock was awaiting our arrival… We bounced down Bernard Avenue in our little three seater grandpa truck, boxes and bags and frills piled high between us.  We laughed at ourselves because that truck doesn’t really suit Sweet Lollie at all… but we love it because it’s noisy and homely and down to earth. We turned on to Pandosy Street… And Lo!  The gods of parking smiled down upon us!  We managed to parallel park that puppy right in front of Frock, an amazing feat considering  it’s not easy to find parking on Pandosy and park a truck that does NOT have power steering!

Parked right in front of Frock, amazing!!

We burst through the doors of Frock in what felt like an explosion of feathers and lace and colourful material.  Kaela (owner of Frock and delightful lady) and her Mom rushed to our aid with smiles and hugs and much joy!  Frock has a very joyful atmosphere full of colour and class, I think that’s why we ladies feel so special when we walk through the door.  Frock is a boutique that brings all types of girls and styles together.  It’s full of high quality treasures and one of a kind items that makes shopping there an experience to remember. While we were setting up our wares, we got a little peek into the busy life of a dress shop.  The door would open… in would come a group of ladies.  Chatter and greetings filled the air.  Exclamations of awe and delight bounced around like sparkly rainbows from a window crystal.  The rustle of fitting room curtains filled in the gaps between gasps and the cheery sounds of, “O my god, you Have to get that!”  There seems to be something for everyone in Frock.  Even this year’s Miss Universe Canada came to Frock while we were there, looking for that special dress. All this energy buzzed around while we put the finishing touches on the display.  And the outcome was fantastic.  Sweet Lollie looks right at home in Frock.  We make all our pieces with a spirit of joyful pride and creativity, and I think that is a perfect fit for a boutique like Frock.  We are absolutely honoured to have our handcrafted frills in such a lovely place.

Sweet Lollie, at home in Frock

How to socialize with Frock…

Real time In Person…   1567 Pandosy St.  Kelowna, BC  (hours of operation: 11am-5pm, except fridays 11am-6pm)

Anytime Online…  http://www.facebook.com/pages/FROCK-Clothing/45847513882


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