#1 Bride!

Our recent foray into the Sweet world of vintage bridal creations has been very exciting.  There is something so chic and nostalgic about that fantastic french and russian netting!  It makes you feel “Oooo La La… fabulous, Daaarrling!”  This past weekend at Fabulous Finds we debuted our line of Birdcage veils and ‘Chapeau Bandeaux’ (our unique take on the birdcage,  a headband with a 1920’s flavour.).

Fabulous finds is a great place to find something unique and that’s just what Jessica was looking for when she walked up to our table.  The wonderful thing about Jessica is that, not only is she a great person with a lovely smile, she also happens to be an old friend.  We worked together many years ago at a coffee shop, and only run into each other once in a blue moon.  I had no idea she was engaged!  So it was such a delight to be able to take a small part in her big day.  Jessica, is our very first bride!  She tried on the champagne Chapeau Bandeaux and we all knew it was the one for her.

So here’s a huge Congratulations to Jessica on her upcoming wedding!  And a heartfelt wish that it’s the most amazing day of her life so far….

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